What should we code?
katyadee (1223)

I've seen a couple of posts around here where people are asking what they should work on next. Let's use this space to brainstorm some cool projects.

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SPQR (535)

@katyadee I'd like to think he's referring to a better system for High Altitude Low Opening jumps, like a safety catch. He probably isn't, but it'd be pretty neat, no?

itbarsoum (49)

we should all learn markdown

katyadee (1223)

@itbarsoum it's very easy to learn!

GhostPhantom (6)

@JacksonCowie Dude HALO already lit they should add more to apex lol

CPPStudent7308 (8)

@SPQR Hey it is I. Remember how you asked to team up for the game jam thing and I disappeared? Well, I'm back and I feel just awful about that. It's been 3 months since I was last on repl.it. I was doin' other stuff if you would like to see, but of course I'm having issues:

SPQR (535)

@CPPStudent7308 Elements in arrays should be like this: {1, 2, 3, 4}; rather than [1],[2],[3],[4]; i believe (it's been a while since i used regular arrays tho so i could be wrong :P)