Does my profile picture look like a hexagonal logo
AJDevelopment (122)

Horrifically AI Upscaled (because Bookie0 wanted to see a bigger one)

Come on. Stop hiding it. My profile picture looks similar to the logo

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Answered by SixBeeps (3735) [earned 5 cycles]
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PattanAhmed (1372)

@AJDevelopment Hi,
It seems like your profile is likely as
But, honestly, it's not as same as

Your Logo seems to be like this:-

It has empty space (hole) in between which is filled inside

If you want to make your logo look like, then fill something as
Here is an example:-

That's it.

Hope this helps

AJDevelopment (122)

@PattanAhmed I was pointing out the similarities. I just said it looked like it but without the filled hole

PattanAhmed (1372)

@AJDevelopment LoL!
But you gave a good try, Anyways...