To the person who unlisted my tutorial.
AJDevelopment (122)

Why do I deserve this. I just wrote a tutorial and mentioned MS Paint as a tool since I thought GIMP for Linux wasn't a great example and I didn't know Paintbrush for Mac OS existed. And I was trying to post my tutorial in short time
so I could turn off my laptop to charge.

And the reason I knew how to make a placeholder is because that's the process I mainly use for placeholder image/texture generation, until I either design it myself or find a good texture.

So please un-unlist my tutorial.

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PattanAhmed (1372)

@AJDevelopment Hi,
It's just normal dude.
I got my 3-4 tutorials unlisted too :(
The mods like (@CodeLongAndPros and many others) will make it unlisted when they realize that the post can be considered as Low-Effort or Copy or on etc things.
That's it.

But at least you can see it from any notification you receive from that post you can comment me the link here.

Hope this helps

PattanAhmed (1372)

@AJDevelopment Yes, this can be considered as Low-Effort post.
If you mean this website:-
Click here