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APL Font Help Please...
Kalkio (1)

Hola APLers!
I am coming back to APL from several years ago hard core programming. Currently, I WANT to use APL as featured in, please:

My OS is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Entering APL characters from my English US keyboard is totally unresponsive, however, I can see APL characters in the "example" from an earlier installation of APLX fonts on my system.

I tried applying your approach to APL fonts/IME installation with no success:

In Control Panel, "Programs and Features" I can see:
Dyalog APL 14.1 Font Package
Dyalog APL (64 bit) Unicode IME

APL385 Unicode Regular shows up in Control Panel/Fonts.

In Control Panel/Region and Languages/Keyboards and Languages/Installed Services,
NO "Dyalog 64 IME" appears in the list.

I have tried several iterations on installing/uninstalling the IME to no avail and burned through too many hours on this. I hope you can help me get over this font/IME installation wall so I can use APL. Thank you in advance for your help!