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Access a repl and run it via the shell from another repl
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I would like to run ONLY the C++ code from this repl via another repl, using certain compilation options (the options used in main.bash) . I know it's possible to interact with other repls inside a separate repl because I've seen examples of it posted here. So essentially my question is, would it be possible to run the code in a C++ repl, using bash code, from a different repl? I don't have to run it as myself. (Also, I know it's possible to run it via the shell. That might be the way to accomplish this)

Answered by a5rocks (793) [earned 5 cycles]
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a5rocks (793)

Firstly, if you just want to run the repl :

Secondly, if you want the code, check out how rimp downloads repls. If you want custom compilation options, make a polygott repl, and just copy and paste the bash code. If you need help with polygott, just check my profile out for examples.

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@a5rocks Basically I wanted to easily run a c++ repl from the shell, but I think I've figured out how to do that, just by running a bash file from my c++ code

a5rocks (793)

@SPQR Nice job :D

repl should probably allow you to change compilation settings...