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Accidental deleted of a project!
CoolJames1610 (70)

I accedientally deleted a repl project. PLEASE is there any way to restore it? I worked really hard on it and it would be amazing if I could have the project back

It was called PyLife (Beta 0.0.1.)

Please upvote and HELP!

Answered by enigma_dev (510) [earned 5 cycles]
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enigma_dev (510)

Hey there! That happens alot! just email me at [email protected] and I'll help you out

CoolJames1610 (70)

Thanks! This will be a very cool project! @enigma_dev

enigma_dev (510)

Neat! i'll pay some attention to it during the next time @CoolJames1610

CoolJames1610 (70)

Thanks for restoring it! @enigma_dev

Vandesm14 (946)

Post this to and they'll (the team) most likely get back to you within a few days. They can restore your repl for you.

spyderkam (0)

You might be able to get it back if you can get in touch with an admin or something. Make sure to save your projects outside of this website to avoid situations like this.

Good luck and ggmu

CoolJames1610 (70)

Thanks and ggmu back to you to! @spyderkam