Saving Data
DisclaimedGoat (12)

So I am making a game, and although it is not needed, I would prefer to save the player's data. The problem isn't that I don't know how to accomplish this, but is it possible using repl?

My guess is that this website is client based on the browser, so even if I do save a file, it won't stay in existence once the player loses connection. So, to get to the point, is it possible to save data and is my guess even correct?


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DisclaimedGoat (12)

@AdCharity Thanks for replying. I was afraid of this possibility. If you are able, could you suggest a free website that is an IDE for C#, but also has the same file system as repl? C# is my chosen language to become fluent in (at least for now), but I cannot afford the Visual Studio online subscription. I also cannot download files onto my laptop because I am loaning it. If there aren't any alternatives, thanks anyways.