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SixBeeps (2870)

I'm trying to import a Github repo based on HTML, CSS, and JS. The problem I'm having is that, because of how importing repos works, I don't see a way to configure the run config in the .replit file for "recompiling" the pages. Has this been done before?

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Answered by Vandesm14 (2322) [earned 5 cycles]
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kkwoo (0)

@AdCharity thanks for your post. Observation #4 made the difference. Let me contribute a little:

My findings are in line with AdCharity's observations and findings. Here's what I did:

That allowed me to achieve my goal of playing the Orbit demo and tinkering with it. It's not perfect because I now need to visit my hacked up /index.html and click through the HREF to see any changes I've made to the Orbit demo. A potential next step is to clone example/game-orbit/index.html into /index.html and change the relative URLs accordingly.