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Add Block
DSAEvan (18)

I ran my repl and I clicked on the link I coded which brought me to this site, but there is an ad-block. Is this in's program or what.

Coder100 (15763)

then disable adblock.


  • if you have not logged in, you should not be expecting the program to save (probably)
DSAEvan (18)

@Coder100 how to disable an ad block in the system?


wdym ad-block? When you run your repl, the output should show? Can we see an image?

DSAEvan (18)

@RYANTADIPARTHI how do you show a screenshot?

DSAEvan (18)

@RYANTADIPARTHI and When I run my repl, it shows a link, so I click on it, then a brings me to a website INSIDE the page (I'm still in the repl coding place and my program is on the small screen.)

DSAEvan (18)