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Addition between datetime.time and
WhiteBlack1 (0)
So basically I'm doing a project where I have the calendar of all the year, then the program asks me which month I'd like to check and then which day..That's because when I write the day I'd like to have like a schedule with intervals of 15 minutes between a time and another so 8:45 am, 9:00 am, 9:15 am etc. The problem is when I want the program to add 8.45 (which is datime.time) withh datetime.timedelta.. Is there a method in order to sum these values? Thanks in advance for the reply and I hope my question was clear.
I know questions are in italian but when it shows "Quale anno vuoi vedere?" it's the same as "Which year do you want to see"", "Quale mese vuoi vedere?" same as "Which month do you want to see?", "Quale giorno vuoi vedere?" same as "Which day do you want to check?"