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Advice for new programmers!!!
Elizabeth11 (72)

Hi everyone,
So for the past year I've been using to learn Python 3, C#, and Java. I think is awesome and super easy to use especially for new programmers.
I was wondering if everyone could write down their best advice for new programmers below!
Mine is: never ever give up

eankeen (1490)

:thinking: I would recommend understanding the scope of your current programming experience, and strategizing ways to expand that experience. When I started out building JavaScript website applications, I wanted to build large applications immediately. But, fairly quickly I realized that I did not have the experience or knowledge with existing tooling or frameworks. I built several smaller applications as stepping stones that would have given me the experience needed to build the first large application. So in conclusion, build programs successively more large, building your experience on top of itself.

themaka (186)

Practice. Even after you learn something, if you don't apply it, if you don't practice, you'll lose the knowledge.

BotsBoots (67)

If you ever decide to look back at your old code, criticize it, then optimize it. There's always room for improvement, no matter how much you know.

eankeen (1490)

@Edgod I always like to look back at old code and see how much I have improved since then. It's always a good feeling.


Screw with your code and try to break it, then try and fix the problem that breaks it. Back it up too.

TheDrone7 (1527)

Nothing is impossible, there's just a stupid trick to the tasks that seem impossible.