Wildest programming language idea
amasad (2480)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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eekboi (266)

Alright, so imagine a lang that is a mix from the syntax of COBOL, python, and HTML. I imagine it would look like

have Counting(num)

<wall equals"(num(counter))"><wall>
<beer equals"value(num(count(100))">on the wall<beer>

if "beer (on the wall)" != 0;
    return(line(6)) /loop\ /these are comments btw\
if not;/these are basically just if-elses\

<stop value"all">

What I did was take the easy "talkative" almost way of COBOL to make this sound like a person talking (almost), the easy function identifying of HTML, and the clean formatting of Python to make this abomination. (I used python highlighting for whatever reason)
(also i think "le twatter" is kinda funny. yes i had to put this here)