?Am I Close?" ( Javascript)
faziz6006 (2)

function exerciseOne(UserClass){
// Exercise One: In this exercise you are given a class called UserClass.
// You will be adding a method to the prototype called greeting
// This method will return the string: 'Hello, it is nice to meet you!'
// DO NOT create a new class or object

// Please write your code in the lines above
return UserClass

my answer ( it says its wrong?) :

prototype.greeting = function (){

return Hello, it is nice to meet you!;


var prototype = new greeting;

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Answered by vedprad1 (731) [earned 5 cycles]
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vedprad1 (731)

You forgot the prototype of what.
Because you are given UserClass, you have to add the function to its prototype.


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faziz6006 (2)

@vedprad1 stil no luck how shod i the final code look