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Anyone wanna help?
Muffinlavania (1444)

Anyone wanna help me make uno, i got the idea from @Bookie0, and i kinda have no idea what i'm doing, but it shouldn't be that hard... Also the language is python!

TravisRaney (11)

I would love to help!

Muffinlavania (1444)

@TravisRaney I finished this uno project a while ago, if you want check it out here

Leroy01010 (415)

i can help!

(but only after 3pm uk time)
(also i know where yo got this idea from)

Muffinlavania (1444)

@Leroy01010 ok cool ummm i already have like 2 people in here, but sure ill share you in(i cant right now thought sorry lol)

Muffinlavania (1444)

@HahaYes you wanna help? well if you can that is.. if you can tell me when and ill share u in

HahaYes (1901)

@Muffinlavania ye I can prob help... also why are you on at like 1 AM XD

Muffinlavania (1444)

@HahaYes dont worry bout it and yea ill share you in

Muffinlavania (1444)

@Coder100 uybwaiubdiawudbwd really? I thought you do javascript

Muffinlavania (1444)

@Hahayes @Leroy01010 Anyone wanna help, if you dont just like say no