Anything better than Java? (Not easier...)

I'm attempting to make a web based game called FinalRPG on either my home server, or a cloud server hosted by Amazon. I'm just wondering if I should stick to Java as a language for the rpg web game, or if there is a better alternative out there. I don't really care the difficulty level, I favor quality and functionality above all else. Thanks in advance!

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ATM, I'm gonna drop Java and choose between either P5.js or Haxe. They both seem very cool after looking through their documentation. I'm gonna give both a chance and then decide which one is better based on functionality and quality of features.

KelvinVerhey (38)

@FINALBOSS Haxe can be a real nightmare if you are not familiar with cross compilers. Since it's also a very small project, it has some issues with getting updates and patches. The android compilation is totally broken, and many of the graphics libs have problems. Dig through here to make sure none of the open issues are going to cause you problems.


Thanks, I'm giving p5.js a shot. It seems cool. @KelvinVerhey