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Anything else to make it more simple? Or is it the Most simplest program?
Bookie0 (1827)

Is “simplest” a real word? Like I’m not sure and I needed a word quickly

CalebCarlson (33)

One way you could make it more simpler is by getting rid of that unecessary new line. [ :


Simplest program:

Very simple.

Bookie0 (1827)

Yes @CodeABC123

Very simple indeed. But what about a code that actually does something?

Have a wonderful day


In that case...


(Just a guess. There might be simpler ones.)

Bookie0 (1827)

Hi @CodeABC123
Yes that’s a good one!

Thank you for your comment!
Have a nice day!/


What’s the / at the end of your comment for? @Bookie0

Highwayman (1251)

But the real most simple one would probably be.

Bookie0 (1827)

Hello @Highwayman

Maybe not even 0, but

Bookie0 (1827)

Hi @Highwayman

I mean that I could’ve done this instead of a 0
print (“.”)

Thank you for your comments though!

Nettakrim (334)

why not print(“”)

Bookie0 (1827)

Hi @Nettakrim
Yes that’s an option but then the user wouldn’t see anything

Anyway have a great day and thanks!

Nettakrim (334)

@Highwayman too many underscores...
import this
is simplest

a5rocks (774)

A couple nitpicks (my personal style here, don't mind me):

1) please no space between functions and arguments
2) single quotes look pretty nice vs double quotes.

If you wanted to make it maybe more understandable, I would do something like this:

HELLO_TEXT = 'Hello, dear fellow being!'


That allows for easy edits without someone having to know what print does.

Bookie0 (1827)

Hi @a5rocks

I respect your style. Actually for, me I prefer to put a space between the print and the printed:
print (“Hello”)
Because I find it nicer.

But also, thank you for your suggestion!
Have a nice day!

eekboi (105)

simplest program, not shortest but simplest
`from getkey import *

while true:
if key keys.a:

Bookie0 (1827)

Hey @eekboi

Yes, that is also a possibility!

Thank you for your comment,

Have a great day!

eekboi (105)

@Bookie0 You too, thanks for replying.

PDanielY (960)

You can make it more simple by erasing everything and running this in the shell:
(it deletes

Bookie0 (1827)

Yes that’s an idea as [email protected]

Thank you for your comment!
Have a great day !

SixBeeps (2033)

Simplest is, indeed, a word.


Of course! @niorg2606

DynamicSquid (1211)

Simple is relative. To do the exact same thing in C++, 3 lines of code, minimum

Bookie0 (1827)

Hi, yes thank you for your feedback! @DynamicSquid

have agreat day!!