Anything else to make it more simple? Or is it the Most simplest program?
Bookie0 (150)

Is “simplest” a real word? Like I’m not sure and I needed a word quickly

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a5rocks (732)

A couple nitpicks (my personal style here, don't mind me):

1) please no space between functions and arguments
2) single quotes look pretty nice vs double quotes.

If you wanted to make it maybe more understandable, I would do something like this:

HELLO_TEXT = 'Hello, dear fellow being!'


That allows for easy edits without someone having to know what print does.

Bookie0 (150)

Hi @a5rocks

I respect your style. Actually for, me I prefer to put a space between the print and the printed:
print (“Hello”)
Because I find it nicer.

But also, thank you for your suggestion!
Have a nice day!