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kiwonok (0)

I want to make and upload app. Can i upload it on google play store?

It is just a simple webapp. (Because, im not good at making android app)

PDanielY (980)

I don't recommend creating another app because @Kognise is always working on one and if I were you I would contribute to the one he is working on than start another one.

Kognise (406)

As two others have said, I'm already working on a mobile app based on React Native! If you want, contributions are welcome on GitHub.

AllAwesome497 (364)

Like @PDanielY said, @Kognise is already making an app for It's in react JS, and you could ask him if u can help, if you want to help him with that.


I think it depends. REPLIT does not allow you to sell the things you make (from the last time i read the TOS)