[SOLVED] My Repl is darker and I can't play it

My pygame had been working for a good amount of time, and I hadn't made changes at all. However, something appears to be wrong that I can't quite figure out. Here's an image of what's happening:

As you can see, the screen is quite dark, and to my knowledge, I haven't done anything to the program. I even reverted the program back to the time when it was working perfectly fine, but it's the same, and I still can't play it.

Here's my repl: https://repl.it/@ETHANSIAO/Snake-first-ever-pygame-3

Thanks for the help!

[Edit: Not sure if this is helpful, but I've worked on the project w/ different computers in different places, perhaps that has something to do with it? I downloaded all the images in the game in both of the computers however, and I do see them on the screen, but they're darker as shown in the screenshot above.]

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Answered by ArchieMaclean (882) [earned 5 cycles]
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themaka (186)

@ArchieMaclean It has been fixed. Thanks for reporting, @ETHANSIAO