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Are there any plans to add PHP support with HTML?
hillsam001 (21)

I want to be able to create a user authentication system or something like that. If there are any alternatives please let me know!

Answered by TheDrone7 (643) [earned 5 cycles]
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ArchieMaclean (662)

I don't think there is, since most people seem to dismiss it as a dead language. Alternatives are either - learn a different backend language (e.g. if you know JS, you could learn how to use NodeJS, or you could learn Ruby or Go, or you could use Flask or Django with Python), download PHP, or see if you can find another online IDE that supports it.

TheDrone7 (643)

@ArchieMaclean @hillsam001 I do recommend NodeJs or Golang over others though. Especially Nodejs because of you're well versed with web development and you know JavaScript, learning Nodejs will be a piece of cake.