Argparse, setting parameters, etc.
marqyJr (1)

Hi community, I'm on the verge of losing my mind!

Please read the following file, if you can:

What I need to know is if every step of this assignment can be done in - especially the 'edit configurations' part.

The issue is that my device (chromebook) can't use PyCharm. has worked perfectly for all of our other assignments, but I'm not sure about this one. I came to my school's campus to use PyCharm to try and work on it, but I can not for the life of me understand how it works - especially since I've been using Repl this entire quarter. I'm really panicking because I don't have much longer to work on this, and it's my last quarter of college and I HAVE to pass this class (I'm doing fine right now, but I can't miss an assignment).

Also, despite what you might think, I didn't wait until last minute! I've done most of the work already. The work I've done, though, is through hard-coding in the .csv files. That's not the goal of my assignment (as you can see), my code has to work alongside some sort of run configurations. All I'd have to do is slightly modify what I have so that it runs correctly.

The only reason it seems last-minute is is because I hit a point where I don't know how to continue this assignment with

Any help at all would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Again, I'm not looking for answers to my homework. I just need to know if my assignment is even possible here.

Thank you . T_T

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Scoder12 (669)

@marqyJr sorry don't have time rn tommorrow