Assignment 11, 2, Help
JoyNba (0)

Exercise Two: In this exercise you will be given an object called 'animal'
// Create a new variable called 'animalName'
// Accessing the animal object, assign the 'animalName' variable to the 'latinName' key on the object.
// return the animalName variable.

I'm totally blown by this and I feel like I'm confused by the verbiage of the question, any clues, don't need the answer?

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ash15khng (393)

Just create a variable animalName, then do something like animalName = animal.latinName? animal.latinName is usually how you access stuff in objects, but we need to know the language to help you out.

JoyNba (0)

@ash15khng Thank you I appreciate it!

ash15khng (393)

@JoyNba Would you mind marking this as the answer if this helped? Thanks!