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Audio was not created within 2 seconds?
JBloves27 (1504)

Hello Replers,

today I have an error to present to you. Try running the program, and you will see it.

So the whole question is,

  • What kind of error is this?
  • Why is the program like that?


Bookie0 (5618)

Check this out for the TimeourError, it could help you understand it and might have an answer. Also maybe it's saying that the source wasn't created within 2 seconds because the song starts more than after 2 seconds? meaning maybe the audio file is being played, but actual music starts like more than 2 seconds after? idk


ok. You are getting the TimeoutError because, of a few reasons, as i think.

  • the music files may be to large to play immediately, hence the time out.
  • they are used in a while loop. Could be a reason too. Maybe put break or something.

Those are two things I'm thinking. Could be possibilites.

JBloves27 (1504)

oh. ok, ill try that and see what happens @RYANTADIPARTHI

JBloves27 (1504)

it didnt work. Ill try Bookie0's solution @RYANTADIPARTHI

JBloves27 (1504)

Sorry guys, it was private, its fixed now!

tussiez (733)

The Repl doesn't seem to be loading. Is it private?

Rainbowryan (5)

@YuvanVighnesh i think thats what hes talking about :(

JBloves27 (1504)

no, its bc its private, sry @Rainbowryan