Zach0 (19)

Somebody by the name ANM has been going around and signing into other peoples account. He keeps posting spam on the ask board and is flooding poeple with unhelpful information.

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squarerobin (4)

How do you know that?? Can you show us any of those posts where he posts unhelpful information or spam?? If that is the case, are you reporting those spammy comments you're accusing him of posting? Or are you just asking everyone to have someone banned without any evidence of him/her doing anything wrong? By the way, he signed 12 days ago, just like you. Maybe you and ANM are the same person? Also, why does ANM show as a voter above with 0 votes?? I'd say you and ANM are actually the same person. Maybe you should have both accounts banned. Just saying...

Zach0 (19)

@squarerobin Yeah I signed into this account 12 days ago because ANM signed into my old account with all my repls and deleted it. This is my second account and he already signed in and deleted some of my repls.

Zach0 (19)

@squarerobin Also search up ender dragon for just one of his many spammy posts

Zach0 (19)

@squarerobin I dont care if I lose this account but I dont want what happend to me to happen to other poeple also ANM keeps logging on at the same time as me

MasterBuilder (3)

@Zach0 yo you saying straight facts it all makes sense now

Axolotl1 (3)

@Zach0 This is sad.
I back up projects that I don't want cluttering my hard drive to, and to prevent security breaches, I wold need to back up my replit projects.
Github, maybe?