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Babel language
massimosantini (0)

Why is ES6 (or Babel) language available, but not reported? What am I missing?

eankeen (661)

Yeah, these are older "languages" that used to be on the language list. I wouldn't recommend using stuff you don't see on the Language List ( since I don't think they're updated anymore. From the language list "JavaScript" is supposed to redirect to NodeJS. If you want browser JavaScript, you're going to have to click on the "HTML,CSS,JS" language from the list.

I'm not sure why they "removed Babel". Maybe because they realized it was a bit unnecessary since people could just write ESNext in a NodeJS repl with @babel/node or something.

Hopefully that helped :P

massimosantini (0)

Yes, @eankeen: this makes a lot of sense.

heyitsmarcus (287)

ES6 is the new standard for JavaScript. It is not its own separate language. And Babel is a compiler that transpiles ES6 to ES5 syntax for backwards compatibility.

massimosantini (0)

I know, @heyitsmarcus thanks. But why under there is no entry for babel/es6 configured repl but I can open that is different from Moreover the javascript link above leads to nodejs, and not the "native browser" JS that I can see in some users' REPL?

heyitsmarcus (287)

@massimosantini That's an interesting question, and I have no idea! haha