Background in python
AhmadAyyeh (0)

I am trying to add a background image in python but I cannot figure out how to do so, I am using python 3.0. I am new to programming :)

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mwilki7 (502)

I have put together driver code for a pygame application from stuff I found on the internet here:

[line 31] BackGround = Background('your_background_image_here.png', [0,0])
with whatever name your background image is.

You might need to resize the window:
[line 12] size = (700, 500)
so that your background image fits inside

AhmadAyyeh (0)

@mwilki7 Thanks a lot! But just a quick question, where should I type my code?
I have coded my whole program using functions so I only have to call for main() in order for the program to run.
Here's my program: