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SickCreator7737 (0)

A game where you can listen to some awesome music.

joshhies (194)

this should not be here... if you upload it multiple times on lots of section it is count as spam so don't so that.

SickCreator7737 (0)

@joshhies yes, this was meant to be on challenges

katyadee (1194)

Where's the game? Lol

SickCreator7737 (0)

@katyadee the game is on the challenge tab lol

mwilki7 (996)

Did you mean to post this in the shared section?

SickCreator7737 (0)

@mwilki7 I was meant to post this in the submit your coding projects section

vedprad1 (860)

@SickCreator7737 : You have to post it in the Challenge section. Otherwise, it will not be judged.