Best resources for learning how to code?
amasad (2492)

It's no secret that is a destination for a lot of new programmers or learners.

Many of them ask us for recommendations for the best resources to learn how to code. Be it tutorials, videos, courses, etc.

We're trying to build the Learn board to become a destination for people to find coding content.

In the meantime I'm putting the question to the community: what's the best resources that helped you learn?

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Answered by Mosrod (416) [earned 5 cycles]
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catejenn (15)

Hi everyone, thanks for the great answers on here. They are super helpful to me, as I am just getting into coding. I've been teaching myself with help from YouTube vids and other online resources.
I discovered a free trial of Pluralsight, which has so many tutorials from the basics all the way up to dev of AI and machine learning. Pretty cool so far.