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Bring Back Timmy!!!
RaunakvirBhulla (0)

Hello Mr., I have an issue with Katya. The community needs Timmy back please bring him back.

Answered by HazTheWaz (165) [earned 5 cycles]
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HazTheWaz (165)

What exactly is the problem

GavHern (72)

This is a very interesting coding question, I will say.

katyadee (1172)

What did I do wrong? :-(

Vandesm14 (2168)

@katyadee Nothing. I'm don't understand his issue. I guess he's just sad about timchen


Timchen left? Upvote my comment

katyadee (1172)

@a5rocks Understandable? Oh no!

SPQR (494)

Timmy is still here, he just doesn't do the newsletter. Also Katya is cool too lol give her a chance

AbrahamJordan1 (0)

Yes Lad. Shes no where near tim

Steven_The_GuyT (214)

@Timmy_i_Chen is already back; he has always been. What do you mean by that? What has @katyadee do?