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Dave1 (1)

I have a problem with my final code the calculation is wrong and I do not know why this my code:
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

int child1day = 92;

int adult1day = 108;

int child4day = 350;

int adult4day = 407;

double taxrate = 0.65;

int children1day, children4day, adults1day, adults4day;

float total;

int days;

printf("How many children tickets\n");

scanf("%d" ,&child1day);

printf("How many days are they staying ?\n");

scanf("%d", &days);

printf("How many adults tickets for the adult\n");

scanf("%d,%d" ,&adult1day,&adult4day);

printf("How many days are you staying ?\n");

scanf("%d" ,&days);

total = (child1day+adult1day) + (child4day+adult4day) + (child1day+adult4day) +(child1day+child1day) +(child4day+child4day)+(adult4day+adult4day) ;

printf("The total cost is $%.2lf.\n", total*(1+taxrate));

return 0;


vedprad1 (835)

I do not program in this language, but from my own stand point, I feel that you are starting to mix up child1day and children1day. I do not know if this will work, but i think you should try changing line 26 to:

scanf("%d" ,&children1day);

Do the same with line 34, changing any instance of adult to adults, as well as in line 40.

I hope it works!

mwilki7 (743)

Would you be able to give an example of correct output vs incorrect output?

Dave1 (1)

@mwilki7 a correct output will give right answer for the calculation a wrong one give a wrong answer

mwilki7 (743)


For example, I enter "1 1 1 1" in the program I get:

How many children tickets
How many days are they staying ?
How many adults tickets for the adult
How many days are you staying ?
The total cost is $810.46.

Is $810.46 the correct total?
If it is not the correct total, what should be the correct total for "1 1 1 1"?