Calendar/Habit Tracker
ryanhcode (85)

I’ve been starting to code a new project that I aim to be a multi-platform habit tracker, calendar, and class manager. Would anyone be interested in helping with this project? I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Current Contributers:
Random String Of Numbers
Hey it’s Marcus

Planned features:
General Calendar
Events/Assignments Making
School Planner



Server set up
Getting current date

You can see the current progress here:


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heyitsmarcus (287)

What language(s) will you be using?

ryanhcode (85)

JavaScript, Html(Pug/Jade), CSS and Bulma or Bootstrap for css. Express for running server. Let me know if you’re interested! @heyitsmarcus

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan Color me interested! I can start helping with this project tomorrow night, if you've got time.

ryanhcode (85)

Do you have a github username or [email protected]

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan my github username is marcusparsons. Do you have one, as well, Ryan?

ryanhcode (85)

Chilblast(exactly how I spelled it)@heyitsmarcus

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan Awesome I followed you on there!

26325001 (18)

@ryanhallihan I forked your one and I found the pug.js really hard to understand. I think we are all familiar with plain html. Could we change it to html?

ryanhcode (85)

@26325001 No. Pug is not just a different rendering engine. It also ties in with express and we'll need it later for cloud functionality.

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan I made a discord channel so that we can chat cohesively, and not just by reaction on a thread.