Calendar/Habit Tracker
ryanhcode (85)

I’ve been starting to code a new project that I aim to be a multi-platform habit tracker, calendar, and class manager. Would anyone be interested in helping with this project? I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Current Contributers:
Random String Of Numbers
Hey it’s Marcus

Planned features:
General Calendar
Events/Assignments Making
School Planner



Server set up
Getting current date

You can see the current progress here:


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katyadee (1127)

Awesome! I'd love to document your progress on this, and maybe even share it on social if that's okay?

Did y'all get the idea from the "What should I code?" thread?

ryanhcode (85)

@katyadee Yup! That's fine. I did get this idea from the "What should I code?" thread. You can document our progress at
It isn't very far yet, but I just started like an hour ago.

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan You all already have a solid looking setup, and I love it! I can work on setting up the NodeJS portion of it with the tracking. I'm suggesting we use something like since it's free and simple to integrate.

ryanhcode (85)

That’s what I’m thinking of using. I’m setting up a database and XMLHttpRequests. @heyitsmarcus I say we give each use a random key that they can log in with on any computer, so they can access their calendar from anywhere.

heyitsmarcus (287)

@ryanhallihan I like that. Are you setting up the databases client side with like WebSQL or you've already started a server project?

ryanhcode (85)

I’m going to use for the database and use an non package to access it. @heyitsmarcus