Can I use selenium?
_5 (6)

Is it possible to use selenium? I keep getting errors asking to put driver into the PATH

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a5rocks (774)

Okay, so you know what the $PATH environment variable is, right? Basically it stores a bunch of folders that your os checks through, for example, to find python.exe, because you ran python. So, your program is like : Hey, we can't find your webdriver (the thing that renders HTML and JS) anywhere! Make sure to add it to your PATH so we can find it

As for if you can use it, you might be able to. Just edit the path environment variable and follow the setup guides.

MP7 (17)

@a5rockshe so the interpreter pulls the file from our computer? I thought has its own database of files/folders/libraries on the server that it imports/uploads from. Not the case?

My attempts to point the interpreter to the webdriver (chrome) I have installed on my computer have been unsuccessful.