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Can have a Stack overflow community?
PYer (3396)

Can it have a stack overflow community. It would be cool if you could then transfer reputation over to I think 1 cycle for 10 reputation would be cool.

RobertoBean (38)

Personally, I don't like the Stack Overflow community. On there you can apparently ask a question incorrectly, and that will sometimes even get your account shut down from asking any questions, rather than letting newcomers fix their questions, the newcomer is forced to edit their question and then ask to remove downvotes and flags after the edit, which can take longer than the lifespan to answer your question. Do not turn into stackoverflow, please.

In my opinion, there is no wrong way to ask a question, but you can always clarify. But the need for clarification doesn't deserve backlash, it deserve pointing out. The one asking the question is the one suffering from lack of clarification, not the community.

For example, this question would be flagged since it is "Off Topic" To "Ask Coding Questions".

kpostal10 (24)

@RobertoBean Also, on a question about discord bots, someone posted that there was a error in someones code and that it was their falt the code wasnt sending messages to the channel, rather than them acknowledging there was a rate limit, I wanted to respond and correct that but nope I couldn't didn't have any reputation.

Scoder12 (709)

I agree that should have a stack overflow community, however I don't agree with earning cycles based on reputation. Then someone with a lot of reputation could come in and be the top contributor without ever writing a single post. Cycles are for contributing on this community, not on other ones with different rules.

PYer (3396)

I think there should be one, but just make them seperate things.

JSer (672)

I would prefer them to be two different communities

ash15khng (684)

Isn't this Ask board basically a stack overflow community?