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Can we bring back the newsletter?
PDanielY (982)

The newsletter was really good and I loved trying to solve the puzzle so I was wondering why they don't do it anymore. I think the person that manages them is someone called Nathan but I don't really remember his name. The last time they did newsletter was like in 2019 (i think)

Also, don't upvote this post

CodeLongAndPros (963)

Perhaps put this on feedback?

CodeLongAndPros (963)

@PDanielY Because I support the idea. But, if you want the repl team to see it, you should add it to feedback.

DynamicSquid (2673)

This is unrelated, but nice profile pic

PDanielY (982)

@DynamicSquid Thanks, I made it myself.


@PDanielY shoot. Got it from his github so :/

Bookie0 (3285)

Yeah, newsletter was cool, and it was by Nathan