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Can you help me!!!
Icekit (62)

Plz help I really need it and I am so tierd but I not allowed to go to bed yet help!!

Icekit (62)

I need to do the comments.

ZacPlayz (64)

@Icekit lol I saw ur description in ur profile.... Ya I love wolfs too (I like cougars more tho... lol) and ya i have a book to recommend... its actually a trilogy: "The Young Elites". Its mah fav series with "Planet Urth" which has 6 books. the second series is called "The remains of Urth".
Sorry that this is completely random (but i love random... 🤪) but i saw ur profile and decided to share my fav series (and that i love wolf wallpapers. :P).



AmazingMech2418 (941)

If what you need help with is making the number random, all you need to do is add from random import randint to the top and set the variable for the number to randint(1, 2000).

Icekit (62)

I will share it with all of u.

ash15khng (700)

Ok can you explain the problem?

TheForArkLD (734)

what do you want do

oignons (311)

What do you need? Can you explain the problem to me?