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Can you make the notifications page work?
PYer (3291)

There is a page Notifications, that does nothing. I think that it could have good potential if it was actually used. I think that you should get notifications when someone up votes your post, comments on your post, or pings you. Also, you could make it so that it told you when you moved a position on the leaderboard. It could also tell you whenever a new competition started, or when one of your posts got pinned. If anybody else has some ideas they want the page to say, comment below please! Thank you!

timmy_i_chen (1088)

It's notifications for classroom activity, e.g. when a new assignment is posted (student) or when a student submits an assignment (teacher). We were thinking of expanding it to Repl Talk if it took off though. :)

PYer (3291)

@timmy_i_chen That would be good! Thank you!

nsedler (21)

@timmy_i_chen For repl talk it would be nice if it showed when someone commented, liked, or mentioned you