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Can't copy paste from local text editor - formatting lost
bennypr0fane (0)

If I copy code from my local text editor (I tried it from three different ones) and paste into, my browser almost crashes ("a website is slowing down yr browser" message from Firefox) and when it's done pasting, the formatting looks like a staircase going down from left to right. This occured the first time for me today.

bennypr0fane (0)

Update I also tried it from opera browser, where this problem does not occur - only Firefox!

AllAwesome497 (337)

Do you have a link to your code? is it the same code?

bennypr0fane (0)
Not sure what you mean by the question is it the same code?
I copy my code from my locla text editor into my repl. The same code appears there as what I copied, but the formatting is all off as described.

bennypr0fane (0)

It was an issue specific to my browser settings, so nevermind, it's nothing to do with