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PDanielY (982)

( This is in the right board because I am asking you to complete something ) Hello, replers. PDanielY here with another challenge. The challenge is to write a comment in this post and I'll give you hacker plan. You'll probably thinking this is the easiest challenge ever, right? No. I won't say anything for now but have fun trying and trying. Muahh!

AdCharity (1270)

It's kind of interesting that only people with more than 200 upvotes actually figured this out

MatthewDoan1 (333)

Nice try, buddy

(It worked on me the first time, very good! I see how you did it now.)

AdCharity (1270)

ok I got you lmao
edit: I have the hacker plan already tho

PDanielY (982)

As you can see this is really easy!

Geocube101 (591)

"A Comment"
(I see how you did this; Clever)