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Class Assignment Previous-Next Student Order
etowncodes (3)

I'm failing to find the pattern necessary to solve my problem--coming to the community for help!

In classroom, I post assignments for my students to complete in any order (no dependencies).

So let's suppose that my class (Andy, Bea, Cat, Dan, Erin) is on an assignment and Andy, Cat, and Dan complete it on the first day. I wish to check their work.

In my published assignments list, I click on the top name in the list (let's say that's Cat).

Now I am into the IDE view manually check and mark it complete or send it back. When I'm done with Cat's program, I want to use the previous-next arrows (next to the student name) at the top of the IDE view to go to the next student.

Sometimes, Cat will be the "first student"--meaning that the "next" arrow will move me to another student. Sometimes, she'll be in the middle with arrows in both ways. Other times, she's the last student and only has the "previous" arrow. Not a huge problem on the first day, until:

Let's say Bea and Erin finish the program on the second day. In my published assignments list, they are at the top since they are "awaiting feedback". If I click on Bea's name to go to the assignment, she could be anywhere in the position...forcing me to arrow left and right arbitrarily to find Erin's work.

Now consider that I have 25 students and perhaps I'm grading these assignments on five separate days. It's become cumbersome and time-consuming. Is there something I'm missing about the pattern of the student order here, or is it really arbitrary? If so, think would fix it?