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Classroom html Images
BrianKendrick (2)

How can we allow students to ad images to the assignments in the classroom for html with out hosting them elsewhere?

GiniGuy (3)

Not having the ability to add image files or folders in the Classroom is a serious roadblock. Any idea when this is going to be addressed by I LOVE the Classroom concept and will use it extensively once this glitch is worked out. But until then, I'm having students export the assignment from the Classroom and work in their own repl . . . which defeats the purpose of the Classroom submission, grading, feedback environment completely!
Please, you amazing developers, add this to your roadmap for improvement!

kmcrae (15)

I wish it was possible so I could use it for my web development students.

BrianKendrick (2)

@kmcrae I have had them build a repl called HostedClassFiles and call the Images from that repl with FQDN paths.

<img src="" alt="the dark side has cookies" height="300" />
BrianKendrick (2)

@malvoliothegood Sadly In the classroom assignments in repl the students are not able to add folders or images to the assignment as the site currently dose not have a way for them to add files to assignments like you do in a normal repl. The only work around I have found for them at the moment is for them to build a repl an then use FQDN paths for that repl.

themaka (181)

@BrianKendrick - That is the only way to do this right now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

malvoliothegood (653)

Whether they are using their own images or ones that you supplied, they need to create an images folder within the same folder as their web pages. They can then link to them in their web page. Say they have an image called persian-cat.jpg in the images folder. To include it in their web page they can use an image tag like so:

<img src="images/persian-cat.jpg" alt="Cute Persian cat" >
kmcrae (15)

@malvoliothegood In the classroom, there is no ability for them to make a folder to upload a file to. That was the point of the question. This feature is available when you are in your own repl's but not inside a classroom assignment