Classroom html Images
BrianKendrick (2)

How can we allow students to ad images to the assignments in the classroom for html with out hosting them elsewhere?

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malvoliothegood (653)

Whether they are using their own images or ones that you supplied, they need to create an images folder within the same folder as their web pages. They can then link to them in their web page. Say they have an image called persian-cat.jpg in the images folder. To include it in their web page they can use an image tag like so:

<img src="images/persian-cat.jpg" alt="Cute Persian cat" >
kmcrae (15)

@malvoliothegood In the classroom, there is no ability for them to make a folder to upload a file to. That was the point of the question. This feature is available when you are in your own repl's but not inside a classroom assignment