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Clicker Game Stuff
HahaYes (1052)

So I'm making a clicker game for 1000 cycles. (Coming soon!) I need a few ideas for the clickers. They must relate to HahaYes or my famous lego cybertruck.

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CodeLongAndPros (963)

Well, that's a little cocky, don't you think?

Coder100 (4393)

nooooo not another cycle special smh

Bookie0 (3285)

whats wrong with them? many people do them, and i guess as long as they're really good and show that you've improved, then i think its ok [email protected]

coderash (275)

add more things (like keys, spaces) other than just clicks

Bookie0 (3285)

why are you making a clicker game? many people have done so already, and im pretty sure its not that hard to make it. why not make something a bit cooler and complex...?

idk just a suggestion.
but if you really want to make a clicker game, maybe make something wehre you click the word HAHA which changes to YES then HAHA and etc.
hope this helps! =)