Code doesn't run
GabrieleRomagno (11)

It happens regularly that the python code i am writing simply doesn't run. I try to stop and nothing happens. I refresh the page i get the same problem. Few hours later i try and everything runs smoothly.
I really would like to use Repl but i am having so many headheache that i am tempted to find another solution :(

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amasad (1384)

Hey @GabrieleRomagno, CEO here. There was an outage by Google Cloud, our provider and that's why things didn't work. Everything back up now.

We take service reliability very seriously so if this happens again, let me know directly: [email protected]

GabrieleRomagno (11)

@amasad ok great. In case i have any other issue i will let you know. Congratulation for the great platform!

zaccandels (0)

@amasad I'm having the same problem. Any time I try to run a python script nothing appears in the console.

amasad (1384)

@zaccandels hey there for matplotlib you need to save it to an image for now. We're working on fixing this.
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