I am teaching..
Codeteacher (36)

Hi everyone,

I am making a team where I teach coding!

Languges I Can/will Teach:

1. python
2. html
3. CSS
4. JS/node.js
5. java


If you are a coder, and you didnt code in our team, within 24hrs we will remove you!

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SwaroopBappanad (48)

@Codeteacher Codeteacher is teaching a coding class? What a twist! (No offense)

Lethdev2019 (200)

i also am teaching in the group. @SwaroopBappanad

Lethdev2019 (200)

i am done with the new icon. @Codeteacher

Lethdev2019 (200)

i am online on web-1 (yours) @Codeteacher

Lethdev2019 (200)

i am in web-1 still. your avatar has not popped up @Codeteacher

Lethdev2019 (200)

right, try flightcss
i'll also be eating lunch now. @Codeteacher

Lethdev2019 (200)

I am in flightcss now. something is glitchy in multiplayer @Codeteacher

SwaroopBappanad (48)

@Lethdev2019 @Codeteacher Jeez, I try to make one joke and now I've sparked one of the longest conversations that I've ever seen.

Lethdev2019 (200)

haha, @SwaroopBappanad
@Codeteacher, i need to inform you that @AbhayBhat quit so we have a space available.