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Coding project, HELP
codingnoob1997 (1)

Hi everbody,

I am a physics major who unfortunately require to take computing modules with 0 background knowledge. To make it worse, i have to create a game with AI which i have totally no clue... any assistance...?

LynnOng (26)

You got it rough man.

For starters on AI I recommend this series on youtube :

I also don't recommend using for this case because the Task requires you to use python. Python in (excluding turtle) has no visual aspect expect for text.

Here's a link to python's main webpage: (You might find inspiration)

Lastly, try not to give up. 2 Weeks is an insanely short timespan for such a project.
But if you try hard enough you might make it.

AzureScripts (168)

They must be idiots if they are assigning these sort of tasks to people who have NO idea how to code. I wouldn't even do it.

John_WardWard (299)

Mate, when you check this, you shouldn't ask for digital help, because it says in those instructions they are looking with a copy paste machine!

John_WardWard (299)

@codingnoob1997 How long do you have to make this? :/

codingnoob1997 (1)

@John_WardWard ohhhh… I really have no clue man. Im a coding noob. 0 background. They gave us 2 weeks. Its really impossible for beginners like us to code a game like this... Even our lectures/tutorials have nothing related to creating a game. I am feeling so stressed. My GPA will be bad just because of this module.