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Competition Classroom
OwenBradstreet (100)

This isn't an actual classroom. This is an area for intermediate to advanced python 3 programmers to complete challenges and even earn awards.
Please feel free to join here:

Please upvote so we can get more people completing these challenges! Thank you.

Answered by timmy_i_chen (1088) [earned 5 cycles]
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timmy_i_chen (1088)

Oh nice! You might get a bunch of people joining! Did you know you can give people a link to the community classroom so they can take your class without actually joining the classroom? The link is found by clicking on the "community" link on your teacher dashboard (top right corner)

OwenBradstreet (100)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks for the suggestion! I'd rather make people join the classroom, makes management of students a bit easier. Thanks though!

timmy_i_chen (1088)

@OwenBradstreet Sure, no problem - just wanted to make sure, since there is a 200 student cap on regular accounts!

OwenBradstreet (100)

I doubt I’ll get more than 200, but if i do I’ll be sure to use that idea! Thanks! @timmy_i_chen

OwenBradstreet (100)

The first project has been set! Join the class and start your submission!

Babbel (63)

just started developing my chatbot! i have already some ideas for bonus features ;)