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Connecting to a GitHub repo?
CaptainAnon (119)

Is there any way that I can connect a repl to a github repository, so that I can make commits and pull requests?

Retrac11 (0)

Is it possible to connect create a Github repo for it AFTER it has been created?

CaptainAnon (119)

@Retrac11 Do you mean that the Repl has been created before the Github repository or the Github repository before the Repl?

Retrac11 (0)

@CaptainAnon The repl was created first.

CaptainAnon (119)

@Retrac11 You can go into the 'version control' tab in the sidebar and set up a Github repository from there.

Yuman (7) can import/read from my repo. But when I commit/push, it gives me:
"Please grant permission to access GitHub on your behalf"

I click on the [Connect] button, it send me back to the same starting position.

domrany (4)

How the open shell helps to connect a github repo to the new repl?
I could open the open shell and use git clone to clone some repo from remote, but when I close the current repl, the runner will be erased, therefore, the git repo will be removed!
I also see the git address entry when I want to create new rep, but entering the repo it says can't add an empty repo (and my git repo is not empty!)

nik_safe (1)

I would love to connect my folder on to GitHub.would be great to have that

CaptainAnon (119)

@nik_safe I think that's now possible to do.

nik_safe (1)

@CaptainAnon is there a documentation or a link available about who to do that ?

CaptainAnon (119)

@nik_safe If you create a new repl there is an option to enter a URL.

triptych (3)

@CaptainAnon No, that just does a one way import. You want read and write back to the repo.

CaptainAnon (119)

@triptych You can use the git command. Command (or control on windows) + Shift + P and then search for 'open shell.'

abueide1 (0)

@CaptainAnon when i open the shell, git doesn't work. It's not installed in my repl apparently.

CaptainAnon (119)

@abueide1 What sort of repl are you using? It works for me in a Python 3 repl.

gplantard (0)

@CaptainAnon Command (or control on windows) + Shift + P launch a private navigation on firefox. Is there another way to open the shell ?

21natzil (1128)

Not at the moment, however don't worry! This feature is planned and being developed as we speak.

YesidCano (1)

@21natzil when? is it working now?

fernandob (3)

@YesidCano, @CaptainAnon mentioned below that we can use openshell with cmd/ctrl + shift + p aka command line

CaptainAnon (119)

@AustinJones3 you can open a shell using cmd/cntrl + shift + p and then use the git command to communicate with the Github repository.