Create a register for working time
sfrias (0)

I would like to mount a prototype with several groups of processes interacting with files on disk. Can it be mounted on
How do I access a common storage to several repl? Creating them in the same project and starting them separately? Language Python3
-------------------------------Small Description ---------------------------------

Create a register for working time(start and stop), Site of working time, and %TaskPerformed last update.

First Prototype
Parts of prototype are:
1.- Client application: send/update to register on User TaskJournal, receive info from other User Task Journals
2.- Device Task Journal: local device Agent for Task Journal.
3.- Master User Task Journal: locally concentrates updates of all authorized user associated Task Journals.

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PDanielY (633)

Yes, I think it can!

sfrias (0)

How to share files between repl's @AppliDev ? Really this is the core problem.