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Custom pages Express node.js
PDanielY (633)

How do you create custom pages in node.js express? When I mean custom pages I mean pages that are created when someone sign ups so I don't have to manually go into the code and add a page every time someone signs up.

Geocube101 (529)

Can you post your repl code?
You wan't to create a page dynamically with node.js?
I normally create a uniform page that changes information on it based on the account that signed in (things like username and account data)

PDanielY (633)

@Geocube101 I don't have a repl for it but yes you could do that for the document but I want it to create a URL every time you signup like app.get("/{username}", open the file)

Geocube101 (529)

@AppliDev You could probably use the fs module to write html code to an html file and use that to send to the client